Ronald Reagan book recommendations

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The 40th President of the United States suggests 2 books to read. Here is his reading list.
Buy on amazon "Witness" by Whittaker Chambers

An autobiography about an ex-Communist who informed against former comrades, this book is known as much for its value as a historical reading list addition, as its assertions. Chambers made the claim that hidden groups of Communists had infiltrated to the highest levels of Washington politics – because he had been a member of its underground movement. The book details Chamber's introduction to the Communist party in America, his eventual flight out of Communist circles, and the excruciatingly slow Congressional investigations and court appointments. Alongside the story of politics is also a man's journey through the world of journalism in the New York Times, and the rebuilding of his spiritual roots alongside the growth of his family farm.
Buy on amazon "A Princess of Mars" by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Unlike the reading list additions of Ray Bradbury, Burroughs' descriptions of Mars read more like the vast fantasy of H.G. Wells' mixture of detailed grandeur. Those wanting to escape into a novel with a knight in shining armor won't be disappointed by John Carter, who brings old Earth world notions of chivalry and hospitality into the new and harsh planet of Mars. After Carter has turned from captive to conqueror, leading in battle scenes fierce with action, his civilizing effect on the planet is felt. Love and family life are even made possible with a maiden of Mars, and the chronicle of Carter's years on the planet make for a satisfying read.

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