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The reading list of famous american show host and journalist
Buy on amazon "The Quiet American" by Graham Greene
- Anderson Cooper
Also recommended by Barack Obama

Partly a mystery, partly a social commentary. Greene's book belongs on mystery, history, and social commentary reading lists. Ostensibly, it's about a love triangle between an American, an Englishman, and an Asian woman. Behind the human tragedy is the tragedy of the French Indochina war, which served as a precursor to the Vietnam War. The first chapter describes Pyle the American as learned in books and political philosophy, in contrast to Phuong the Asian woman who is unaware of even the biggest movements of the outside world, and the underlying issue of the opium trade.
Buy on amazon "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" by Jonathan Safran Foer
- Anderson Cooper
Also recommended by Ellen DeGeneres
This Holocaust-era novel has ended up on New York Times book lists frequently, perhaps because of the pathos of the nine-year-old protagonist. Having lost his father in the World Trade Center bombing, Oskar becomes a street urchin playing a tambourine. Critics in the New York Times claimed that Oskar was a conglomeration character, made up of equal parts of Holden Caulfield and Herzog. Fans such as Salman Rushdie and the L.A. Times claim that the novel is explosively moving, and Oprah made it an addition to her reading list, saying that the page breaks of blankness forces the senses awake. The book is truly explosive - Oskar's life seems to center around violent actions such as bombings. (His grandparents survived a bombing of Dresden in World War II.)
Buy on amazon "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay: A Novel" by Michael Chabon
- Anderson Cooper

Another novel mentioning Nazi activity and set in New York, besides Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, is Chabon's story about the Golden Age of comic books. A World War II refugee from Prague (Kavalier) and an American in Brooklyn (Clay) team up to create and conquer the money and mystery of the New World. The play on words of the novel's title is nothing to the names of the comic book characters created by this dynamic duo, such as Tracy Bacon and the Saboteur. Even the love interest (Rosa) provides fuel for a sexy character named Luna Moth. Bookriot's readers added this novel to their favorites list, right next to fantasy classic Dune.
Buy on amazon "The Alienist" by Caleb Carr
- Anderson Cooper

Narrated in first-person by a 19th century reporter, this novel covers a bizarre crime and the unlikely outcasts who are put together by police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt. (Readers surprised by the depth of historical details should know that the author was trained as a military historian.) Laszlo Kreizler, a psychologist, turns his training and interest in the formation of the early years on a serial killer who specifically targets immigrant children. The other two members of the team are a reporter and the future first policewoman of New York. Carr's work was mentioned as one of bookseller Powell's staff picks on the reading list.
Buy on amazon "A Prayer For Owen Meany" by John Irving
- Anderson Cooper

Another staff pick favorite on Powell's reading list (and many high school book lists) is Irving's novel about squeaky-voiced Owen Meany. Though small for his age, Owen is possessed of a powerful Voice, and believes himself to be an instrument of God's design in the world. This isn't necessarily a positive thing, since Owen is linked to a death in the life of the narrator. Some of the novel covers significant political events in the formation of America, such as the Vietnam war. Some is merely about the human struggle for understanding in the face of suffering and confusion, and the difficulty of coming to grips with faith and religion.

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